Press Releases

Opening Doors at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Orlando August 18, 2004 - The mission at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Orlando is to 'use every available resource to defeat cancer.' Part of Orlando Regional Healthcare, M. D. Anderson - Orlando is affiliated with The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, which has been ranked as one of the top two cancer hospitals in the United States for the past 14 years by U.S. News & World report. In 2003, M. D. Anderson - Orlando opened a new 10-story comprehensive multidisciplinary cancer center. And the TomoTherapy Hi-Art System has been a part of it all. Read More »
Accuray Launches World's First Dynamic Radiosurgery System for Lung, Liver, Kidney and Pancreatic Tumors Sunnyvale, California, July 19, 2004 - Accuray Incorporated announced today the release of Synchrony, a new enhancement to the CyberKnife Stereotactic Radiosurgery System. Synchrony is the first technology in the world capable of delivering dynamic radiosurgery to targets that move with respiration, such as lung, liver, kidney and pancreatic tumors. The Synchrony Respiratory Tracking System has been a much-anticipated enhancement that enables real-time dynamic tracking and delivery of a highly precise dose of radiation to targets that move with respiration. Read More »
Rapid City Regional Hospital: Improving Cancer Treatment for Native Americans with TomoTherapy June 30, 2004 - In 2002, the National Institute of Health (NIH) awarded Rapid City Regional Hospital a five-year, multi-million dollar grant to investigate ways to improve cancer care for Native Americans. The focus of the grant is to study barriers to cancer treatment, and to provide state-of-the-art radiation therapies for common cancers. RCRH chose TomoTherapy as one of the cornerstones of their research program. Read More »
CyberKnife Radiosurgery Provides Local Tumor Control in Patients with Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Sunnyvale, California, May 19, 2004 - Accuray Incorporated announced today the publication of the results from a clinical study of CyberKnife radiosurgery for locally advanced pancreatic cancer. This study, a collaboration between radiation oncologists, surgeons, and other medical specialists, is the first to demonstrate the feasibility of using stereotactic radiosurgery for the treatment of locally advanced pancreatic cancer. The results were published in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology and Biological Physics, by physicians at Stanford University Medical Center. Read More »
Tomo at Thompson: On the Forefront of Image-Guided IMRT May 15, 2004 - Cutting-edge technology is the cornerstone of the Radiation Oncology department at Thompson Cancer Survival Center in Knoxville, TN. Patients considered untreatable at other institutions are routinely referred to Thompson Cancer Survival Center because of their unique, leading-edge treatment options. And since July 2003, TomoTherapy has played an increasingly important role in the department's arsenal. Read More »
Cutting-Edge Radiotherapy: TomoTherapy at Willis-Knighton March 12, 2004 - Since opening its doors seven years ago, the Willis-Knighton Cancer Center, in Shreveport, LA, has been committed to offering state-of-the-art treatment options for cancer patients. This philosophy made the TomoTherapy Hi-Art System a natural choice for the doctors and physicists in the Radiation Oncology Department. Read More »
Accuray's Image-Guided CyberKnife Stereotactic Radiosurgery System is Most Accurate in the World Sunnyvale, California, Feb 19, 2004 - Accuray Incorporated announced today that the CyberKnife® Stereotactic Radiosurgery System has proven to be the most accurate, real-time, image-guided radiosurgery system in the world, with the updated manufacturer specification of 0.95 mm "total clinical accuracy." This measurement incorporates all sources of error in comprehensive end-to-end testing, thus providing the overall system accuracy one could expect of treatments in the clinical setting. Read More »
Accuray Receives Japanese Regulatory Clearance for its CyberKnife II Stereotactic Radiosurgery System Sunnyvale, California, January 14, 2004 - Accuray Incorporated, the world leader in image-guided full-body radiosurgery, is pleased to announce that it has received Shonin (regulatory) approval in Japan for the CyberKnife® Stereotactic Radiosurgery System. The CyberKnife System will be marketed as the CyberKnife II System. Read More »