CyberKnife Data Management System

The CyberKnife® Data Management System provides comprehensive storage and processing of data that is generated as a patient progresses through the CyberKnife planning and treatment workflow.

With the CyberKnife Data Management System, you can:

  • Import and store imaging studies, making these data sets available for viewing at any treatment planning workstation in the CyberKnife System network.
  • Store completed treatment plans and make them available for review and approval.
  • Store a record of the procedure carried out for each day’s treatment.
  • Manage the flow of patient data throughout the system from a single centralized location. Data can then be distributed throughout the CyberKnife System network, ensuring the right information is available to the clinician when and where it is needed.
  • Control access to patient data through user-privilege settings, allowing you to implement and enforce HIPAA and departmental privacy policies.
  • Ensure the security and integrity of patient data with scheduled database backups and the use of multiple disk drives.

The CyberKnife Data Management System also incorporates a radiosurgery DICOM interface, which utilizes the industry-standard DICOM protocol to export patient treatment plan and delivery information to an Oncology Information System. With this interface, the CyberKnife treatment plan – which includes the physician's prescription, as well as detailed information about the planned fractions and paths – is sent using the DICOM RT Plan Export function. Then, the CyberKnife treatment delivery record – which is comprised of the total monitor units delivered during treatment, as well as detailed information about the delivered fractions and paths – is sent using the DICOM RT Beams Treatment Record Export function.

Clinical Efficiency Solution: A package designed to improve departmental workflow efficiencies and long-term data storage, include:

  • TxView: A Web-based solution for viewing and approving patient set-up positioning before and during treatment. This tool allows physicians to no longer have to look over the therapists shoulder to assess their patients’ treatment. TxView provides you with all the tools needed to assess the position, guide the therapist and record their approval from any web browser.
  • Report Administration: A sophisticated tool that allows users to generate many different types of patient, QA, departmental reports for analysis and record keeping, it is easily accessible from the MultiPlan® dashboard with the ability to apply a digital signature and initial to any report or document.
  • Storage Vault: A hardware solution for long-term data storage. Storage Vault adds 10TB of storage space for up to 5,000 patients. Integrated seamlessly into the CyberKnife System network and designed to work in conjunction with the CyberKnife Data Management System, this option provides automated software to automatically archive patient records based on user specified configurations.