TomoTherapy Data Management System

The TomoTherapy® Data Management System provides comprehensive storage and processing of data that is generated as a patient progresses through the TomoTherapy planning and treatment workflow. With the TomoTherapy Data Management System, you can:

  • Import and store imaging studies, making these data sets available for viewing at any treatment planning workstation in the TomoTherapy System network.
  • Store completed treatment plans and make them available for review and approval.
  • Store a record of the procedure carried out for each day’s treatment.
  • Manage the flow of patient data throughout the system from a single centralized location. Data can then be distributed throughout the TomoTherapy System network, ensuring the right information is available to the clinician when and where it is needed.
  • Control access to patient data through user privilege settings, allowing you to implement and enforce HIPAA and departmental privacy policies.
  • Ensure the security and integrity of patient data with scheduled database backups and the use of multiple disk drives.

An optional feature to the TomoTherapy System is OIS Connect™, a software solution that provides a standards-based interface from the TomoTherapy System to a compatible Oncology Information System (OIS), giving treatment centers the ability to:

  • Schedule TomoTherapy treatment appointments in the main departmental calendar held and managed in the OIS.
  • Systematically capture TomoTherapy treatment procedures in the OIS.
  • Facilitate charge capture and billing for TomoTherapy treatments.
  • Incorporate TomoTherapy treatments in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).