CT True Motion Management

CT technology is a primary tool in the diagnosis of cancer, as well as identifying the location of tumors and organs-at-risk when developing a patient treatment plan. Because of its importance, CT technology is an integral part of the TomoTherapy® System. The TomoTherapy System’s CTrueTM technology offers the only imaging solution that supports true image guidance and adaptive planning, and can be used for every patient’s treatment, every day.

CTrue images play a critical role in patient set-up and positioning. With every treatment fraction, CTrue enables clinicians to see where the anatomy is compared to where it’s supposed to be, based on accurate, consistent 3D images. Then, with automated image registration, clinicians can quickly determine if adjustments are required to ensure that radiation is delivered precisely to the target during treatment.

CTrue images yield accurate CT numbers regardless of patient size and shape. The images are not only consistent in quality, but can be used for accurate, heterogeneous dose calculations. Additionally, the image artifacts that occur in the presence of high atomic number materials in conventional kVCT images are substantially reduced in CTrue images.