CyberKnife Treatment Planning System

Providing the most comprehensive set of tools available for precise treatment planning, the MultiPlan® System enables you to generate high-quality treatment plans for the CyberKnife® System.

Because treatment planning for the CyberKnife System is a multidisciplinary process – requiring input from the physicist, the radiation oncologist and the surgeon, among others – we provide flexible features in the MultiPlan System that address the specific needs of each group and can accommodate new clinical applications with ease. These features include:

  • QuickPlanTM automates the entire planning process including the setting of planning parameters and dose calculation. Complete treatment plans are generated based on the clinical objectives you define, and presented for your review and approval.
  • AutoSegmentationTM automatically generates accurate contours for intracranial and male pelvic anatomy using both model-based and atlas-based delineation methods. Results can be generated using both CT and MRI image information, requiring minimal user input.
  • Sequential Optimization provides an intuitive and intelligent plan optimization algorithm for rapidly developing custom-tailored treatment plans specific to the unique clinical objectives for each patient.
  • Monte Carlo Dose Calculation, which is often considered the gold standard for dose calculation, produces results in minutes compared to what commonly requires hours or days with other systems.
  • 4D Treatment Optimization and Planning System offers true 4D treatment planning that takes into account not only the movement of the target but also the movement and deformation of the surrounding healthy tissue and critical structures.
  • MultiPlan MD Suite delivers a comprehensive set of planning tools for image fusion, contouring, dose calculation and treatment plan review that can be remotely accessed by a secure connection from outside the clinic.
  • PlanTouchTMextends the reach of the MultiPlan Treatment Planning System’s review and approval functions through an iPad®, enhancing collaboration with the ability to download and share plans.