TomoTherapy Treatment Planning System

Via three intuitive tabs, the TomoTherapy® Treatment Planning System enables you to quickly and intuitively create sophisticated IMRT or 3DCRT treatment plans for fast and accurate treatment delivery for cases that range from simple to complex.

With the TomoTherapy Treatment Planning System, treatments are prescribed and plans optimized based on diagnostic CT and anatomical structure data that includes the specified dosimetric goals and constraints. Three-dimensional dose distributions and dose-volume histograms (DVHs) are available as analytical tools to either accept or modify—and re-optimize—the planned dose.

The TomoTherapy Treatment Planning System offers a number of treatment planning tools:

  • Remote Software Solutions improves treatment center productivity by enabling dosimetrists to plan cases from any location and providing physicists and physicians the ability to review, approve and respond to questions about plans and patient alignment quickly from wherever they are. Remote Software Solutions functionality is accessible through a Citrix-based website, which allows for security and patient privacy.
  • Planned AdaptiveTM software is the first commercially available solution that allows clinicians to monitor and maintain a prescribed treatment plan with each and every fraction, enabling you to account for the impact of changes such as patient weight loss over the course of a treatment or the day-to-day shifting of organs and targets. Planned Adaptive software allows you to track these changes, analyze the dosimetric effect to the patient and proactively adjust treatment plans so that patients accurately receive the prescribed dose from the first treatment to the last.
  • VoLOTM Technology makes treatment planning faster, more flexible and more interactive, for developing optimal TomoTherapy treatment plans for more patients. This plan calculator relies on high-end graphics processing unit (GPU) hardware and software that leverages the GPU's parallel processing abilities to perform dose calculations and optimizations in a matter of minutes. Multiple plans can be simultaneously optimized, finalized and saved, ready for quality assurance and delivery, including plans for large, complicated treatment volumes.